What Does 40 Milliseconds Say About You?

Is Will DEAD?

These were my first thoughts yesterday when I opened
Facebook to see my college friend, Will, sharing his LinkedIn post supporting a veteran’s outreach program. Looking at his cell phone photo accompanied by the snippet of text, I assumed the worst. And I wasn’t the only one. There were 55 comments on the post from mutual friends who – at first glance – thought it was his obituary.

If that many people could jump to such an extreme outcome, what kinds of reactions are potential clients having in response to your current headshot? 

It takes less then one second for a potential client to draw their conclusions about you and your brand based on one image. 40 milliseconds could be the only thing standing between them reaching out to you versus your competitors. 

A great headshot will tell potential clients you are approachable, competent while helping them gauge
your youthfulness and dominance. So what does that mean, why does it matter and how can a headshot do all this?  I will address this and other items in a future post.

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